Imagine yourself waking up and doing whatever you want so long as it does no harm to another man, woman, or child. There are no laws restricting you from building on your property, or digging a well. There are no laws about what you can and cannot eat or drink. You are free. With true freedom, you are the government. You govern yourself and no other man or woman tells you what you can and cannot do. Is this lawlessness? No. American freedom is wholly dependent on God’s law and natural law. But, this law is simple: If you do no harm to another, there is no crime. In other words, true American freedom is devoid of government telling you what you can and cannot drive. It is devoid of car tabs and license plates. It is devoid of licenses to exercise rights you already possess. It is devoid of “rulers” that would exert force over you and tax you into poverty.

Does this mean that there is no need for government entirely? Absolutely not. Our Declaration of Independence is clear that governments are instituted among men to protect the God-given unalienable rights of the man and woman. Ergo, government is not instituted among men to revoke rights and re-issue them for a license and a fee. Rights are free of regulation, completely. This is what makes the American experiment so great! We are free to be wise or free to be stupid. We are the deciders of our own fate and the realizers of our own dreams.

Unfortunately, American freedom does not exist in America today. We have a bloated government that is hell-bent on taxing men and women to pay for its abhorrent spending habits, of which little of value is returned to the American people. Today we have a government that thinks it can force you to take the jab. Where in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence does it state that the government has that authority? Nowhere! It’s simple. We all have individual rights which are unalienable, irrevocable without due process of law. I have a pool of rights. You have a pool of rights and they are the same rights that I have, no more, no less. If we band together, we have the same number of rights, no more, no less. If we add 999,998 more to our group and become 1 million individuals with rights, we still have no more rights than if we were all alone. The Declaration of Independence states that the government derives all of its “just powers” from the “consent of the governed”. In other words, the government has no more rights than the individual man or woman. In fact, it has fewer! We don’t give them wholesale control over us. We give them a small amount of power so that they can secure and protect our rights. What this means is, if I can’t lie to the government, the government certainly can’t lie to me. It means that if I can’t force you to give me money so I can give it to someone I deem needs it, the government also cannot do this. You see where this is going, right? We live in an a world, right now, where American freedom has never been more smothered. Have you ever wondered why you are forced to pay property tax, wondered what the permitting office has to do with what you want to build? Have you ever wondered why it is the State that claims to determine whether you have ownership of a vehicle, and why you have to pay tax when you purchase a vehicle? Why is it the government is in the business of issuing certificates, titles, and deeds? Why is our ownership of property contingent on their documentation? It isn’t. But they have convinced a majority of the people through oppression and fear that it is, that we NEED them. We do need government, but we don’t need tyrants.

Take a stand at this time of medical tyranny. This is that hill, the one where everything matters and we are willing to give all to defend and restore the freedom of which our children are rightful heirs. My prayer is that God will hear your prayers, bless your life, and bless our cause. God bless America!



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  1. Excellent article. I’m sharing!
    Sadly, I don’t think this deeply. These articles help me. They ring so very true. I couldn’t have articulated or even thought these things. So, thank you.

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