Many men and women have reached out to us about the impending violation of their inalienable rights that is the Governor’s, or employer’s mandate to vaccinate against Covid 19. You are not alone. We have engaged top Common Law experts to produce documentation that you can use to claim your rights, notice your oppressors, and have a chance at remedy should you be terminated from work, or otherwise persecuted for your personal views on the vaccine. Reach out to us on Telegram, send us and email, or complete the contact form for more information.

The following video gives an overview of the common law process being used by workers in California. Watch:

We are continually improving the common law process and are adapting the common law documents for Washington State workers.  In Washington, we are focusing on using notices to challenge lawful authority.  (If you wish, you may use a conditional acceptance or send both documents).  You can download the Washington State notice templates from our telegram group.

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Our volunteer team would be happy to answer your questions, assist you with personalizing the notices, and support you however we can.  Please understand that we are prioritizing helping Washington workers who have the most urgent deadlines.  If you would like us to contact you by phone, please provide your phone number and we will reach out as soon as possible.  We are also hosting online meetings for Washington workers (currently using telegram group chat).

-Washington Common Law Team



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